Specialized in original pilot and flight related uniforms, flight jackets, caps, medals, badges, insignia and equipment of the German Luftwaffe during World War II.
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  • Uniforms attributed to Knights Cross or German Cross recipients.
  • Officer's flight blouses and service tunics of the Flight branch.
  • All types of issued flight jackets with eagle and/or rank insignia.
  • Private purchase (Hartmann type) flight jackets with insignia and/or provenance.
  • Summer flight jackets and pants (blue and mediterranean types).
  • Reserve officer's insignia with the blue secondary color.
  • Any Third Reich clothing tailored or manufactured in Denmark during the German occupation.

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Very nice complete example. Full length cable with no breaks. Net top 100% intact. Excellent condition.
Very nice complete example with 1940 dated label and full length cable with no breaks. Excellent condition.
Overall nice condition save a few small moth nips.
Size 55½ stamped.
Overall nice condition save some scattered small mothnips.
Has both a 54 and a 57 size stamp, but 57 is the actual size.
Exterior is near mint with a fantastic pinched saddle shape.
Inside has light staining and most of the sweat diamond is gone.
Rare maker.
Cap was part of a large group of items from Paul Hoffmann - a pilot in KG27 'Boelcke'.
Excellent condition.
The cap comes from the estate of Feldwebel Dietrich Dankers of Kampfgeschwader 30. He was awarded the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd class, Air Gunner Badge and Bomber Clasp in bronze.
The cap is a very nice early war double Erel from the distributor 'Friedrich Buchholz' in Stade. It has overall honest wear but no mothing and displays very nicely.
It's rare to see a cap for EM/NCO rank in this quality.
A nice double EREL, with ventilated cockade - well worn and with a couple of rips to the sweatband, but free of mothing or other damage.
Nice complete example with label and full length cable. Showing normal wear but no damage.
Cap is a size 56½ (stamped under the sweat band) and although no date stamp is to be found, it looks like a 42-43 production.
It has the original eagle and wreath applied with a few large stitches as is usual on these caps. No signs of previous insignia.
Cap shows honest wear and the visor is starting to come loose in one side. Also it could do with a bit of reshaping. But apart from this, it is free of mothing and other visible damage, and could easily be improved with a bit of TLC.

Consignment item
Well worn but fully complete example with both labels and full length cable.
Overall in excellent condition, with label, full length cable and fully intact mesh.
Front leather headband appears to have been period resized for a tighter fit.
Here we have a gorgeous minty double EREL, with ventilated cockade.
Not a rare branch color, but still rare to find in this quality and condition.
Very nice officer's sidecap. Despite a few small moth nips, the overall condition is very good.
It has a cotton eagle and cockade, like often seen on these caps.
Inside there are two size stamps - ''54'' seems to be the right one.
Consignment item.
Excellent condition. Mesh is 100% intact.
This cap has a 1943 date on the sweatband, and it's a textbook mid-war EREL. Dark brown sweatband, ''ghost'' print under the sweat shield, slightly subdued piping and an eagle with some extra backing cloth around the beak area are all typical features matching the date.
Despite being in almost mint condition, the cap has a great crushed shape with high swept back peak, since the internal stiffener around the crown has been removed. Looks fantastic on display!
Great looking early quality EREL officer's visor cap, with a wonderful saddle shape!
Vented cockade and EREL logo on sweat shield and sweat band.
Cap shows overall light wear with some fraying to the lower rear piping and a few spots of surface oxidation on the wreath. No mothing anywhere!
Here we have a textbook early EREL white summer cap of the "Extra" grade.
The cap is completely untouched and free of repairs or modifications.
It features the ventilated wreath and grommet at the forehead.
Both wreath and eagle are very high quality and typical EREL.
The white cover remains quite clean but shows some wear around the top of the "saddle".
Both the sweat shield and sweatband are intact and bears the EREL logo.
On the reverse of the sweatband, it is stamped with a 1938 date, and the size which is 58½.
This is the visor cap of Uffz. Heinrich Schnuer of 1/KG 2.
It has a great looking swept back crusher shape!
Unfortunately it has not been stored too well and since it is made of the thick felt-like material that moths just love, it comes as no surprise that there are numerous small surface bites all over the crown. Luckily they didn't go for the piping and there are no big holes either. It's not that noticable until you pick it up really.
Along with the cap comes a picture of Schnuer as a Gefreiter wearing what looks like this cap, before he g..
This early M35 helmet features a beautiful 99% preserved type 1 eagle decal of the 'straight leg' variant.
The national shield is 80% preserved with a chunk missing in the upper left corner.
The orignal paint is 95% preserved and shows only a few spots of old surface rust.
The liner is in place but the chin strap is missing.
It has a faint oval dome stamp and a much clearer unit stamp a flight school unit.
The helmet shows overall wear and age, but the paint and the decals, particularly the eagle are very nice.
Here's a great looking and very early M40. The serial no. is 19!
Both the paint and eagle decal is in very good condition.
The tricolor shield has been scratched off as per regulations, but it is still clearly visible.
The liner is in very good condition and has not been messed with. It carries a handwritten name.
Chinstrap is probably a replacement.
M40 DD helmets are almost impossible to find. Because of the shield, here's a chance to get one for only slightly more than a M40 SD.
Wonderful cap made of fine officer's cloth. Not a single moth hole, only light wear overall.
The bullion wreath and eagle are in great shape.
The bill is of the typical cross hatced type, but in tan instead of the more common green. The edge is intact.
Inside features a cream colored lining in good condition. It never had a sweat diamond.
The sweat band carries the logo of "Deutsches Leder". On the reverse is written the name "Schott". There was a Schott in the LW who received the DKiG, but there were probably others with this name too...
Great looking private purchase NCO visor.
Both the celluliod diamond and the sweatband bears the EREL trademark.
Cap is in very good shape inside and outside save for a couple of small moth nips to the piping and a spot of grazing near one wingtip of the eagle.
NCO visor's of this quality are rarely seen!
Nice example, made of fine officer's cloth with silver piping.
Partial sweat band of which the middle part is missing.
Light sweat staining around the edges, but overall a nice looking cap in very good condition.
This visor is in very nice shape except for the very edge of the neck area which seems to have been partly eaten away by moth or rodents - hence the price.
The detachable white cover and the rest of the visor is undamaged.
Nice saddle shape!
A very displayable summer visor at a bargain price!
Very nice example, made of fine officer's cloth with silver piping. There's a few rips to the sweat band and a bit of soiling to the interior, but apart from this, the condition is excellent!