• Uniforms attributed to Knights Cross or German Cross recipients.
  • Officer's flight blouses and service tunics of the Flight branch.
  • All types of issued flight jackets with eagle and/or rank insignia.
  • Private purchase (Hartmann type) flight jackets with insignia and/or provenance.
  • Summer flight jackets and pants (blue and mediterranean types).
  • Reserve officer's insignia with the blue secondary color.
  • Any Third Reich clothing tailored or manufactured in Denmark during the German occupation.


Examples from previous sales

A fine example of the rare and sought after blue light weight flight jacket - often seen on photos of fighter pilots, but very hard to find today.
It has the original and working front zipper (RAPID) and neck closure strap with a PRYM 6 snap. All hardware is fully functional and free of rust and corrosion.
On the right breast, we find the original factory applied machine sewn EM eagle still in place.
The elastic waist band shows wear and a few small holes, but is overall in good condition and retains most of it's elasticity.
Inside, the..
Here's a super nice example of the grey version of the issued leather flight jacket.
The big purple velvet collar is in perfect condition and retains both closing straps.
On the right breast the factory applied EM eagle has been replaced by a nice hand sewn officer's eagle.
Sleeves has the original and working white plastic Ri-Ri zippers, and the electrical connectors remain fully intact.
Inside the original lining, drawstrings at the waist and wind cuffs in the sleeves are in place and in good condition, save for some small holes nea..
This example of the rare blue summer flight pants is in excellent condition except for one repaired area on the seat and one of the front glass buttons having a piece broken off.
All zippers working 100%. Front zipper marked 'ZIPP' and 'DRP', the rest marked 'RAPID'. All snaps are the usual PRYM 6 snaps.
Pockets have all flaps, straps, and rings in place and in excellent condition.
Inside the partial lining is intact, and there's a faint size and RBNr stamped at the waist.
Here we have an attractive looking example of the rarely offered two piece mediterranen summer flight suit.
Both jacket and pants are in good overall condition.
The breast eagle is a nice original EM version, but has been replaced at some point.
Front zipper possibly replaced but IMO a period job. It is an early 'ZIPP' zipper with a larger head mounted on top of the small head, likely because the latter proved too hard to grab with gloves on. It has a small mending at the bottom edge, but still works.
All snaps are by 'PRYM'. One snap i..
Here we have a classic 'Hartmann' jacket with the large pointed collar, high waistline, zippers on the breast pockets and flaps on the hip pockets.
This one has been modified with the addition of a knitted waistline band as seen on the summer flight jackets, making it quite unique. Also a large map pocket has been added inside the left breast area.
The nicely worn cupal breast eagle is pinned through three small loops. Most of the silver finish is gone from the back of the eagle.
Jacket has well worn slip on shoulderboards for a Feldwebel.
Here we have a wonderful, well worn flight blouse for a full Oberst!
It is made of high quality, very smooth cloth.
The right side of the breast features a bullion officer's eagle showing a little oxidation.
The blouse shows overall wear, inside and outside. The insignia has matching wear, although the collar patches show less wear than the eagle and shoulder boards. This makes sense, since the collar patches were applied upon promotion to Oberst, while the shoulder boards were just upgraded with pips since the rank of Major.
The lower ..
This is one sharp looking set!
The officer's flight blouse is of excellent quality and features an extra thick bullion collar piping.
On the left breast there are loops for two badges and a clasp or ribbon bar.
On the right breast we have a gorgeous detailed bullion eagle and loops for a German Cross or Spanish Cross!
Save for a tiny moth nip in the chest area, the tunic is in excellent shape inside and out.
Inside the breast pocket is a tailor label from a Neisse tailor with the owners last name 'Hoffmann'. The town of Neisse is ..
This tunic has everything you could wish for in a LW officer's tunic.
The condition is perfect and the quality of the workmanship is simply stunning.
All insignia including the cufftitle is in my opinion original to this tunic.
Left breast has loops for a combat clasp, a ribbon bar and 3 badges.
Right breast has a nice early pattern officer's bullion eagle.
Collar tabs and shoulder boards are in perfect shape and still vibrant in color.
Cufftitle is the officer's version neatly hand-embroidered with aluminum wire.
Gorgeous example of the heated flight jacket.
All plugs and wiring 100% intact.
All zippers original, intact and fully functional. Front zipper marked 'RAPID', sleeve zippers marked 'Elite'.
Eagle is neatly hand applied, but likely reapplied at some point, since when studied closely, there seems to be faint signs of a previous eagle.
The Hauptmann's rank insignia is attached with 4 tiny PRYM snaps in the corners.
There's a small reddish spot on the lower back and a spot on the collar edge (burn mark?). Otherwise the jacket is..