Specialized in original pilot and flight related uniforms, flight jackets, caps, medals, badges, insignia and equipment of the German Luftwaffe during World War II.
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  • Uniforms attributed to Knights Cross or German Cross recipients.
  • Officer's flight blouses and service tunics of the Flight branch.
  • All types of issued flight jackets with eagle and/or rank insignia.
  • Private purchase (Hartmann type) flight jackets with insignia and/or provenance.
  • Summer flight jackets and pants (blue and mediterranean types).
  • Reserve officer's insignia with the blue secondary color.
  • Any Third Reich clothing tailored or manufactured in Denmark during the German occupation.

Militaria for sale

Mint unissued condition. Very nice embroidery.


The following items are shown only for reference. Do not scroll past this point, if you find it annoying to look at things you cannot buy.
Otherwise enjoy the archive :)
Tunic removed set in excellent condition
Has some oxidation. Wing span is 9 cm.
A unique piece of insignia from the Thiele & Steinert series of house master samples. Perfect condition.
Early high quality and heavy droop tail eagle for the officer's summer tunic.
Excellent condition.
Full length and excellent condition.
Very hard to find!
Tabs are in excellent condition, probably unissued.
Mint unissued and very high quality.
Impossible to upgrade.
Outstanding example of this rather scarce CT in the officer's version.
The condition is near mint, no oxidation!
Full length - 47 cm.
The cufftitle was originally sold by ''The Collector's Guild''.