Specialized in original pilot and flight related uniforms, flight jackets, caps, medals, badges, insignia and equipment of the German Luftwaffe during World War II.
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  • Uniforms attributed to Knights Cross or German Cross recipients.
  • Officer's flight blouses and service tunics of the Flight branch.
  • All types of issued flight jackets with eagle and/or rank insignia.
  • Private purchase (Hartmann type) flight jackets with insignia and/or provenance.
  • Summer flight jackets and pants (blue and mediterranean types).
  • Reserve officer's insignia with the blue secondary color.
  • Any Third Reich clothing tailored or manufactured in Denmark during the German occupation.

Militaria for sale

Excellent larger size pair with no damage or repairs.
Four excellent reference books by Jon A. Maguire and John P. Conway in as-new condition:
Art of the Flight Jacket
Gear Up!
More Silver Wings, Pinks & Greens
American Flight Jackets
Mint unissued condition. Very nice embroidery.
A total of 125 photos showing many different officers from this unit, some with names and notations on the back.
Most likely from the squadron Doctor Dr. Denkhaus or someone close to him, since he is featured on many of the photos.


The following items are shown only for reference. Do not scroll past this point, if you find it annoying to look at things you cannot buy.
Otherwise enjoy the archive :)
All original and working zippers.
Overall signs of wear but no big damage or repairs. Very nice and complete winter flight jacket.
Overall very nice condition with just one small hole on the collar (photo 5)
Size and the Danish manufacturer is stamped in the sleeve.
This grouping was originally part of a large group of items from Heimsch, sold by Hermann Historica.
Heimsch served with 10 (F)LG 2 at Fliegerhorst Kiel-Holtenau - a unit that flew DO 18s (flying boats) before the war. He earned among other awards the EK2, EK1 and the transport clasp in gold.
Tunic is a wonderful, high quality tailor made example. It is free of mothing but shows overall service wear and some dirt, especially in the neck area. Most likely, this was his everyday tunic.
The bullion breast eagle has some oxidation, but otherwise ..
Well worn cross marked 6 on the pin (Fritz Zimmermann, Stuttgart)
Very nice complete example. Full length cable with no breaks. Net top 100% intact. Excellent condition.
Very nice complete example with 1940 dated label and full length cable with no breaks. Excellent condition.
Overall excellent condition with a beautiful handstitched cotton eagle.
Tunic removed set in excellent condition
Has some oxidation. Wing span is 9 cm.
Leather very soft, never treated.
Both sleeve zippers intact.
All connectors intact save one of the two inside ones (the one on a wire). Both sleeve connectors intact - those are often missing.
All buttons are there save one of the glass ones along the front (I'll include a replacement).
Very nice and clear manufacturers label.
Nice worn officer's breast eagle on the chest.
A very nice well worn example, which displays great.
Overall nice condition save a few small moth nips.
Size 55½ stamped.
Overall nice condition save some scattered small mothnips.
Has both a 54 and a 57 size stamp, but 57 is the actual size.
No makermark, excellent condition
Overall very nice condition with desirable button-up style collar.
Overall very nice and complete example with sleeve rank for an Unteroffizier, and all original zippers and snaps.
Very nice condition, with all original zippers and snaps. No rips or repairs.
All zippers, snaps and electrical connectors are original and intact, save for one zipper on the lower leg of the pants which is missing it's puller.
Jacket has an IMO original applied eagle. On the back there's an old and very elaborately done patch.
Well worn, but very nice and displayable set, matching in wear and color. Perfect for a mannequin display.
Excellent condition with all original applied insignia including a very nice T-stitched eagle.
Chest size when measured just below the armpits is 96cm.
All zippers, snaps and electrical connectors original and fully intact.
A well worn set nicely matching in color and wear, perfect for a mannequin display. The first two images shows the set on display, but only jacket and pants are part of this offer. Lifevest, boots and cap are available separately.
Very nice set with original soles and working zippers.
This is a fairly early example of the 10-30 B-2 life vest, fully intact and in very fine condition.
Exterior is near mint with a fantastic pinched saddle shape.
Inside has light staining and most of the sweat diamond is gone.
Rare maker.
Cap was part of a large group of items from Paul Hoffmann - a pilot in KG27 'Boelcke'.
Excellent condition.
Near mint condition inside and out. All insignia originally and very neatly applied. The EK2 and Eastern Front ribbons appears to have been applied during tailoring.
One of the best I've ever had for sale.
Flawless condition, probably unissued, with all original zippers and snaps. Hard to upgrade.
Perfect condition, probably unissued. All original zippers and snaps.
Very nice badge with tight rivets.
The case is just a repro and not included.
Extremely rare example of the 1st model 'Splitterschutzbrille' by N&G.
Both frame, hinges, lenses and side arms remain fully intact and in very nice condition.
One side arm is marked 'Nigura' (Nitsche and Gunther, Rathenow) and the other has the size marking '3'.
The goggles reportedly came out of an estate from a pilot and German Cross in Gold winner of KG76 (name known), but I do not have written evidence of this unfortunately.
Early green version, all complete and in excellent condition.
This so called 'true Deumer' or 'double Deumer' is a rare badge, and among all the Pilot's Badge designs, it is, in my opinion, the finest.
This particular example is all intact and in very fine shape with most of the original finish remaining, and just the right amount of patina!
The case is just a repro and not included.
This is a very nice looking early sword with silvered nickel mounts that are lightly patinated.
The nickel plated blade is in very fine condition and marked with the 'seated king' SMF trademark and a waffenamt '8' stamp.
The scabbard has minimal scuffing and hanger is fully intact.
This stunning flight blouse has both a 1914 Iron Cross 1st Class, and an Imperial Observer's Badge executed in bullion. Also it has a 1914 Iron Cross 2nd Class with 1939 clasp and loops for a ribbon bar.
The exceptionally rare configuration of cloth awards was reviewed a decade ago on the Wehrmacht Awards Forum. The thread can be found here.
Flight blouse shows uniform wear all over including the awards and insignia, which all look originally applied to me. T..
This example of the scarce 10-76 B-1 kapok life vest, is in excellent and most likely unissued condition with all straps and wooden buttons being intact and no rust to the metal snaps.
The cap comes from the estate of Feldwebel Dietrich Dankers of Kampfgeschwader 30. He was awarded the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd class, Air Gunner Badge and Bomber Clasp in bronze.
The cap is a very nice early war double Erel from the distributor 'Friedrich Buchholz' in Stade. It has overall honest wear but no mothing and displays very nicely.
It's rare to see a cap for EM/NCO rank in this quality.
Very nice and complete so-called 'heated' flight jacket with all the wiring and plugs being intact.
All zippers and snaps are the original ones and fully working, and the zippers still have their original leather pullers. Sleeve zippers are the typical 'ZIPP'/'DRP'marked ones, and the front is the less commonly seen 'RHEINNADEL' brand.
Inside, the 'Karl Heisler' makers label is still in place.
Jacket shows light wear and soiling, but overall a very nice example in great shape.
A nice double EREL, with ventilated cockade - well worn and with a couple of rips to the sweatband, but free of mothing or other damage.
Nice complete example with label and full length cable. Showing normal wear but no damage.
A unique piece of insignia from the Thiele & Steinert series of house master samples. Perfect condition.
Very nice and complete pair with all original zippers and snaps in place and fully functional.
Light soiling on the seat, but otherwise in excellent condition.
Cap is a size 56½ (stamped under the sweat band) and although no date stamp is to be found, it looks like a 42-43 production.
It has the original eagle and wreath applied with a few large stitches as is usual on these caps. No signs of previous insignia.
Cap shows honest wear and the visor is starting to come loose in one side. Also it could do with a bit of reshaping. But apart from this, it is free of mothing and other visible damage, and could easily be improved with a bit of TLC.

Consignment item
Well worn but fully complete example with both labels and full length cable.
Overall in excellent condition, with label, full length cable and fully intact mesh.
Front leather headband appears to have been period resized for a tighter fit.
These boots look like they where never issued, since the soles are mint!
They are of the type normally with heating plugs, but on these they where either removed or never installed.
Also looking at the way the lining ends at the top of the boot shafts, it appears they are very slightly mismatched. All hardware, materials and colors are still fully matching though making for an attractive 99% matching pair.

Consignment item.
A fine example of the rare and sought after blue light weight flight jacket - often seen on photos of fighter pilots, but very hard to find today.
It has the original and working front zipper (RAPID) and neck closure strap with a PRYM 6 snap. All hardware is fully functional and free of rust and corrosion.
On the right breast, we find the original factory applied machine sewn EM eagle still in place.
The elastic waist band shows wear and a few small holes, but is overall in good condition and retains most of it's elasticity.
Inside, the..
This interesting grouping contains the following items, all from one man:
- Sharp looking tailor made service tunic for an Infantry Major, named and dated inside. Loops for two awards and a long ribbon bar. All insignia originally applied IMO. Minty apart from some staining inside. Nice size.
- Large size framed portrait of the man as a Leutnant.
- 8 photos, both portraits and featuring the man with his troops. Seems to be mostly early and pre-war. We can see he was a WWI veteran.
- 15 negatives with unknown content.
- A couple o..
Here we have a gorgeous minty double EREL, with ventilated cockade.
Not a rare branch color, but still rare to find in this quality and condition.
Overall very nice condition with just a few tiny moth nips - not noticable.
Beautiful detailed breast eagle and loops for two awards.
Inside we find size and manufacturer's mark from the Danish (Copenhagen based) company 'Lysdal', who where one of several Danish suppliers of German uniforms.
Early high quality and heavy droop tail eagle for the officer's summer tunic.
Excellent condition.
Textbook officer's flight blouse for a Leutnant.
Has loops for a ribbon bar or flight clasp, and two badges.
All insignia expertly and IMO originally applied.
Save a few small moth nips (all pictured), condition is excellent.
Here we have a nice larger sized service tunic for an Oberleutnant.
Loops for one badge on the left breast.
Tunic appears to have been tailored for the officer when he was a Leutnant, and the tabs where then replaced upon promotion - they are hand applied and show less wear then the shoulder boards.
Overall tunic is in very good condition, but it does have some fraying at the bottom edge of the sleeves and on one lower pocket (all pictured). Hence the price.
Here we have a sharp looking tailor made officer's flight blouse, with IMO original applied insignia.
It has a gorgeous bullion eagle, very neatly applied, and loops for one badge. Inside has a hanger and slit for the officer's dagger, and a nice Darmstadt tailor's label in the neck.
Tunic is overall in excellent to minty condition, save a spot of light surface oxidation on one shoulder strap.
Chest size is 105cm, so should fit most mannequins.
Consignment item.
Very nice officer's sidecap. Despite a few small moth nips, the overall condition is very good.
It has a cotton eagle and cockade, like often seen on these caps.
Inside there are two size stamps - ''54'' seems to be the right one.
Consignment item.
This wonderful tunic comes with around 50 photos from the original owner, a few of which shows him wearing the tunic.
There is one photo showing him as a boy at an air show, the rest are related to his military career. He was killed in action in Ukraine in 1942 and the lot includes several photos of his grave as well as a death notice. He is also listed in the archives of the Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge.
The tunic is a fairly large size and in excellent condition inside and out. All insignia is originally applied and clearly recognisabl..
This JMME Pilot's badge is in excellent condition with a wonderful patina.
Super quality piece in excellent condition. All insignia original applied IMO. The left breast has loops for a clasp or ribbon bar and one badge. The right breast has a rare variant officer's BEVO eagle, and loops for either a German Cross or Spanish Cross.
A beauty!
This historically very interesting tunic, belonged to the 1st aircraft mechanic of THE German ace, Hans-Ulric Rudel.
Tunic is a high quality tailor made piece made in Langensalza where the III Gruppe of Stuka-Geschwader 2 was founded.
On the left sleeve is the trade badge for flight technical crew members with more than 1 year of service.
On the right sleeve is the 'Immelmann' cuff title worn by Stuka-Geschwader 2 members.
This untouched tunic came from the family of Günther and includes a pre-war photo showing him in this tunic when h..
This is a super nice set in excellent condition.
The badge has only very light wear and patina - it's hard to see in the photo because of the patina, but it has quite a bit of the frosting still. This one was never cleaned!
The textbook OM case is likewise in very fine condition with a fully functional closing mechanism.
Here's a super nice example of the grey version of the issued leather flight jacket.
The big purple velvet collar is in perfect condition and retains both closing straps.
On the right breast the factory applied EM eagle has been replaced by a nice hand sewn officer's eagle.
Sleeves has the original and working white plastic Ri-Ri zippers, and the electrical connectors remain fully intact.
Inside the original lining, drawstrings at the waist and wind cuffs in the sleeves are in place and in good condition, save for some small holes nea..
This example of the rare blue summer flight pants is in excellent condition except for one repaired area on the seat and one of the front glass buttons having a piece broken off.
All zippers working 100%. Front zipper marked 'ZIPP' and 'DRP', the rest marked 'RAPID'. All snaps are the usual PRYM 6 snaps.
Pockets have all flaps, straps, and rings in place and in excellent condition.
Inside the partial lining is intact, and there's a faint size and RBNr stamped at the waist.
Good condition vest complete with bottle and mouth piece.
Very nice boots which show hardly any use. Both zippers fully working.
Excellent condition. Mesh is 100% intact.
Full length and excellent condition.
Very hard to find!
Probably the hardest type of flight pants to find, this example is in sound condition and has all the original zippers in place and running smoothly. No less than three different brands are represented - Rapid, Zipp and Elite.
All the original snaps and buttons are there too, although one of the front glass buttons have broken. Snaps are the usual PRYM 6 snaps.
Pockets have all flaps, straps, and rings in place, but the small leather parts inside the pockets as well as the leather zipper pullers have become dry and stiff. It might be possible to tre..
This is the typical tunic of a young flight officer.
Tunic is made of high quality officer's cloth, and in minty condition save a couple of tiny moth nips and some tracking on the back of one sleeve cuff.
There are loops for a clasp or ribbon bar, and traces of another two sets of loops.
Inside features a waist belt and a slit for the dagger.
Very nice and displayable tunic.
Here we have a typical NCO's tailor made service tunic in officer's quality.
This one is for the not so often seen rank of Spiess.
Tunic is overall in good condition, but it does have a bit of mothing, mostly on one of the cuffs, but there is also one small hole on one lapel, and another near the waist. These are mended and not very noticable really.
On the right breast is a nice hand applied officer's eagle.
The collar tabs are also hand applied and show signs of at least one promotion. So does the shoulder boards. Under one board we f..
Very nice J2 with the name 'Kurt Müller' lightly scratched on one side of the back of the wreath. On the opposite side is an even lighter scratching which reads 'Besswitz' and some more which I can't read. It might be possible to do some further research on this.
Badge is in very nice condition with most of the frosting remaining.
It comes with an expertise from Militaria-Berlin stating a value of 945 euro.
Case is a repro and only used as background.
This completely untouched set of field uniforms, came directly from the relatives in Austria. The original owner was reportedly KIA in 1944 and the uniforms sent back to the family. Please contact me for further details.
The set consists of:
- M36 issued field tunic upgraded to officer and slightly retailored to get a shorter waist section as was fashion at the time. Loops for one badge and signs of another badge and a ribbon bar having been pinned directly to the tunics. All insignia 100% originally applied including the Ostmedal and EK2 ribbons.
This interesting tunic is an issued EM/NCO service tunic upgraded to officer with the addition of slit and hanger for a dagger, and an internal belt of the type often seen in tailored tunics.
The rank is the equivalent of an Oberleutnant, and although Obersekretär is the most likely title, the red secondary color was used by several speciality brances.
The twist cord of aluminum and dark green around the collar patches, signifies an offical of the medium career. This makes it a fairly rare tunic, since this career consisted mostly of NCO's and Obers..
Very elegant looking piped service tunic, from the prestigious Berlin tailor 'Averbeck & Bröskamp'.
Tunic has a nice bullion eagle, loops for 3 badges and a ribbon for the 'Winterschlacht im Osten 1941-42' medal. The white collar patches show some discoloration along the top edge, where they would rub against the neck. All insignia match the tunic in wear, and definitely look original applied.
Inside there is a slit for the dagger hanger, and a label dated 1938 with a name which I believe is 'Hübner'.
Tunic shows lots of wear and quite a bit..
Here we have a very nice and complete flight jacket.
All wiring and plugs are intact. Internal tightening band around the waist still in place. All zippers and snaps are the original ones and fully working, and the zippers still have their original leather pullers. Snaps are by 'STOCKO', zippers by 'RAPID'.
Original makers label still there, but hardly readable anymore.
Jacket shows overall use, but remains free of any damage or repairs.
It's quite hard to find a jacket like this, that has been worn, but where everything is still in ord..
An excellent example of the 3rd model Nitsche & Gunther flight goggles. This is the model that has a hinged nose without being fully foldable.
Lenses are clear and free of marks. Strap retains some flexibility. Goggles have been used but are complete and in very nice condition.
The display head and the flight helmet are for display only and not part of the offer.
Tabs are in excellent condition, probably unissued.
Mint unissued and very high quality.
Impossible to upgrade.
Great looking officer's flight blouse for a Flak Leutnant. These are actually hard to find with Flak insignia, since many where converted into Flight branch by collectors.
It's a textbook example in both cut, type of cloth and insignia.
The right breast features a stunningly detailed early droop tail bullion eagle. On the left side of the breast we find three sets of loops for badges.
Tunic is very clean and in excellent condition inside and out. No mothing or damage anywhere.
Consignment piece.
This sharp looking piece is a text book example of an early Luftwaffe officer's service tunic.
It's tailored from very fine officer's cloth which retains a vibrant deep blue-gray color. Along with the equally vibrant golden-yellow tabs and boards, it's quite an impressive display piece.
Apart from some wear around the collar, tunic is overall in very good condition, however it has suffered some moth bites, mostly around the shoulders on the back.
On the left breast, there are loops for a clasp, or more likely, a long ribbon bar, as well as two..
This cap has a 1943 date on the sweatband, and it's a textbook mid-war EREL. Dark brown sweatband, ''ghost'' print under the sweat shield, slightly subdued piping and an eagle with some extra backing cloth around the beak area are all typical features matching the date.
Despite being in almost mint condition, the cap has a great crushed shape with high swept back peak, since the internal stiffener around the crown has been removed. Looks fantastic on display!
Here's a great looking tunic with a history!
It is named to Fritz Lonzius (born 10.08.1911 in Magdeburg), who was a pilot and Group Leader in JG 300 and credited with one arial victory. He is mentioned a few times in the JG 300 Chronicles by Lorant/Goyat. Apparently he became heavily addicted to Pervitin (Methamphetamine) in the last days of the war.
Tunic has loops for a ribbon bar, a flight clasp and 3 awards.
On the lower back and on the back of one sleeve there are some clean cuts which have been very neatly repaired probably by a tailor..
Great looking service tunic for a Leutnant.
Left side of the breast has loops for two badges and a ribbon bar or clasp.
Right side has an excellent bullion officer's eagle and loops for a German Cross or Spanish Cross.
In the neck there's a nice label from 'Verkaufsabteilung der Luftwaffe'.
Tunic is very clean inside and out, and near mint save for a few moth nips on the tabs and a small moth hole at the elbow of the right sleeve.
Here we have a great looking mid- to late war tunic with the fairly rare bright green branch color of the Panzergrenadiers.
Tunic features subdued insignia for a Hauptmann of Pz.Gr.Rgt 2. The rank pips indicate at least one promotion.
Loops for a ribbon bar/clasp and two badges.
Tunic shows normal service wear, but remains very clean and free of any damage.
Here we have a high quality, private purchase tunic in excellent near mint condition - inside and outside.
Left breast features loops for a bar or clasp and 3 badges. Right breast has loops for one badge (probably German Cross or Spanish Cross) and a nice bullion officer's eagle.
The shoulder boards and collar tabs are minty like the tunic and tightly machine sewn.
On the right sleeve is a very neatly hand applied officer's version of the 'Geswchader Hindenburg' cufftitle - qualitywise it's one of the finest examples of a LW officer's cufftitl..
This great little grouping consists of the following:
- Juncker 2nd model pilot's badge in excellent condition with name and award date professionally engraved.
- Pilot's badge award document with name and award date matching the badge!
- Promotion document for the rank of Feldwebel.
- DAF member book for Keller as a confectioner.
- Youth hostel permit
- Insurance card and 3 other small papers
All items are wartime or pre-war, except a post-war student's card from a film school.
Comes with a certificate of au..
These alu J2 badges are really hard to find, and when they do pop up, they usually have one or more repairs.
This one has a repaired catch but is otherwise minty and very detailed.
Often the rivets are visible on the front of the wings, but this it not the case here.
Very displayable.
The case is just a repro used as backround, and not included.
Nicely preserved aluminum buckle marked 'GB' for Gustav Brehmer.
Light wear and excellent detail.
Here we have an attractive looking example of the rarely offered two piece mediterranen summer flight suit.
Both jacket and pants are in good overall condition.
The breast eagle is a nice original EM version, but has been replaced at some point.
Front zipper possibly replaced but IMO a period job. It is an early 'ZIPP' zipper with a larger head mounted on top of the small head, likely because the latter proved too hard to grab with gloves on. It has a small mending at the bottom edge, but still works.
All snaps are by 'PRYM'. One snap i..
Here we have a classic 'Hartmann' jacket with the large pointed collar, high waistline, zippers on the breast pockets and flaps on the hip pockets.
This one has been modified with the addition of a knitted waistline band as seen on the summer flight jackets, making it quite unique. Also a large map pocket has been added inside the left breast area.
The nicely worn cupal breast eagle is pinned through three small loops. Most of the silver finish is gone from the back of the eagle.
Jacket has well worn slip on shoulderboards for a Feldwebel.
Here we have a well used example of the rare late war leather flight jacket.
This one has been stripped of the wiring, breast eagle and most of the lining. The right breast still shows the outline of the eagle.
The original lining and windstopper in the sleeves is preserved and it retains all the original buttons and plastic RiRi zippers!
The leather shows overall wear but remains in good condition.
This jacket does have some issues, but it is priced accordingly, and despite everything, it still looks great on display!
Here we have a wonderful, well worn flight blouse for a full Oberst!
It is made of high quality, very smooth cloth.
The right side of the breast features a bullion officer's eagle showing a little oxidation.
The blouse shows overall wear, inside and outside. The insignia has matching wear, although the collar patches show less wear than the eagle and shoulder boards. This makes sense, since the collar patches were applied upon promotion to Oberst, while the shoulder boards were just upgraded with pips since the rank of Major.
The lower ..
Excellent Pilot's Badge made by Berg & Nolte Lüdenscheid.
High quality tombak badge with well preserved blackening on the eagle and silvering on the wreath.
This is in my opinion the most elegant design among all the different makers.
Note: The box used as background is a repro and not included.
An excellent specimen marked '65' for Klein & Quenzer.
Hard to upgrade this one.
This is one sharp looking set!
The officer's flight blouse is of excellent quality and features an extra thick bullion collar piping.
On the left breast there are loops for two badges and a clasp or ribbon bar.
On the right breast we have a gorgeous detailed bullion eagle and loops for a German Cross or Spanish Cross!
Save for a tiny moth nip in the chest area, the tunic is in excellent shape inside and out.
Inside the breast pocket is a tailor label from a Neisse tailor with the owners last name 'Hoffmann'. The town of Neisse is ..
Very rare issued dark grey leather flight set from the late days of the war.
The jacket shows overall wear, but remains in good conditon with no damage inside or outside.
The sleeves have aluminum zippers by 'Zipp' and the front is buttoned with glass buttons
The pants are basically mint and complete with suspenders. They have a combination of white 'Ri-Ri' and brass 'Zipp' zippers.
All zippers on jacket and pants are fully functional.
Large size well suited for display, the jacket has a chest size of 117cm.
When I got thi..
Great looking issued leather jacket.
Well worn but undamaged save for a couple of holes in the liner.
This is the rare 'unheated' variant made without any plugs or internal wiring. It is NOT a 'heated' jacket with the wiring removed!
The original white plastic (RiRi)sleeve zippers are fully functional.
The enlisted version breast eagle is machine sewn in place and matches the jacket in wear. There's no signs of a previous eagle.
Nice larger size suitable for display on a mannequin.
Great looking early quality EREL officer's visor cap, with a wonderful saddle shape!
Vented cockade and EREL logo on sweat shield and sweat band.
Cap shows overall light wear with some fraying to the lower rear piping and a few spots of surface oxidation on the wreath. No mothing anywhere!
Here we have a minty officer's flight blouse for the rarely seen rank of Oberfahnrich!
The left breast has loops for 2 badges and a bullion glider pilots qualification badge in the C grade.
The right breast displays a gorgeous bullion officer's breast eagle.
This individual was attached to the Arial Warfare School (Luftkriegsschule) as denoted by the KS letters on the shoulder boards.
In the neck there's nice label from 'Verkaufsabteilung der Luftwaffe'.
Size is well suited for display.
A very sharp looking blouse in near m..
Here we have a textbook early EREL white summer cap of the "Extra" grade.
The cap is completely untouched and free of repairs or modifications.
It features the ventilated wreath and grommet at the forehead.
Both wreath and eagle are very high quality and typical EREL.
The white cover remains quite clean but shows some wear around the top of the "saddle".
Both the sweat shield and sweatband are intact and bears the EREL logo.
On the reverse of the sweatband, it is stamped with a 1938 date, and the size which is 58½.
This is the visor cap of Uffz. Heinrich Schnuer of 1/KG 2.
It has a great looking swept back crusher shape!
Unfortunately it has not been stored too well and since it is made of the thick felt-like material that moths just love, it comes as no surprise that there are numerous small surface bites all over the crown. Luckily they didn't go for the piping and there are no big holes either. It's not that noticable until you pick it up really.
Along with the cap comes a picture of Schnuer as a Gefreiter wearing what looks like this cap, before he g..
This early M35 helmet features a beautiful 99% preserved type 1 eagle decal of the 'straight leg' variant.
The national shield is 80% preserved with a chunk missing in the upper left corner.
The orignal paint is 95% preserved and shows only a few spots of old surface rust.
The liner is in place but the chin strap is missing.
It has a faint oval dome stamp and a much clearer unit stamp a flight school unit.
The helmet shows overall wear and age, but the paint and the decals, particularly the eagle are very nice.
Here's a great looking and very early M40. The serial no. is 19!
Both the paint and eagle decal is in very good condition.
The tricolor shield has been scratched off as per regulations, but it is still clearly visible.
The liner is in very good condition and has not been messed with. It carries a handwritten name.
Chinstrap is probably a replacement.
M40 DD helmets are almost impossible to find. Because of the shield, here's a chance to get one for only slightly more than a M40 SD.
This tunic has everything you could wish for in a LW officer's tunic.
The condition is perfect and the quality of the workmanship is simply stunning.
All insignia including the cufftitle is in my opinion original to this tunic.
Left breast has loops for a combat clasp, a ribbon bar and 3 badges.
Right breast has a nice early pattern officer's bullion eagle.
Collar tabs and shoulder boards are in perfect shape and still vibrant in color.
Cufftitle is the officer's version neatly hand-embroidered with aluminum wire.
Great looking tailor made uniform for the hard to find "Spiess" rank.
The tunic displays a nice officer's quality drooptail eagle. On the left side of the breast, there are loops for 2 badges. Also above the pocket there's a small ribbon bar. It was there when I got the tunic, and I've left it there. Finally there's an EK2 ribbon through the top button hole.
The Spiess rings are machine sewn to the sleeve, they show the same amount of wear as the rest of the tunic, and are clearly period applied.
Both tunic and pants are made of the same fine ..
Great looking Alcoso complete with hangers.
Blade is near mint and tip is needle sharp.
Hilt and pommel show light wear and a nice patina.
The grip is intact with no damage or cracks.
Hangers are excellent with no fraying and marked "A" and "DRMG".
Both of the tiny screws at the mouth of the scabbard are missing, but the scabbard is otherwise in perfect condition with no dents.
Overall a lovely dagger.
Very nice looking example of the rare and sought after pilot's badge from the OM maker.
Shows overall wear but nothing detracting and it retains nice detail.
Note: The box used as background is a repro and not included.
Wonderful cap made of fine officer's cloth. Not a single moth hole, only light wear overall.
The bullion wreath and eagle are in great shape.
The bill is of the typical cross hatced type, but in tan instead of the more common green. The edge is intact.
Inside features a cream colored lining in good condition. It never had a sweat diamond.
The sweat band carries the logo of "Deutsches Leder". On the reverse is written the name "Schott". There was a Schott in the LW who received the DKiG, but there were probably others with this name too...
This LW officer's set is basically mint and completely untouched!
Both jacket and pants are made of the same cloth and both are named to a 'Stabsarzt Dr. Laubenstein' and dated '43.
All insignia is in perfect condition. Shoulder boards and collar patches retain a vibrant deep blue 'Waffenfarbe' for medical.
The pockets contains a few tickets from the Roman Opera from the 1943/44 season.
Also of interest is that the set is tailored by the prestigious Hamburg tailor Ladage & Oelke. The company was founded in 1845 and is still running a sh..
This dagger is in excellent shape and complete with hangers and portepee!
The nickel plated blade is near mint and has the makers mark of Paul Weyersberg as well as a Waffenamt marking.
Nice detailed pommel and crossguard. Flawless grip.
The scabbard, portepee and hangers are also in excellent condition, no damage or repairs. The hangers are the deluxe version and RZM marked as well as "U.E. 10" and "DRGM".
This one is hard to upgrade!
This is the tunic of Major Dr. Karl Inden.
Tunic is near mint and a nice large size.
On the right breast there are clear signs of the DKiG. It looks like the award was pinned directly through the cloth.
On the left breast there are 5 loops for awards (probably a WWI EK with spange and another award) and a set of loops for a ribbon bar.
The inside is very clean and features a nice RZM marked dagger hanger.
In the breast pocket there's a tailor label with the name and date.
Major Inden served in Artillerie-Regiment 126 and ..
Wonderful J3 with very little wear and almost full frosting.
The best I've seen in years.
Note: The box used as background is a repro and not included.
These trousers are in excellent condition!
Zippers bear the "ZIPP" lightning bolt logo and snaps are marked "STOCKO". All zippers work 100%.
All wiring intact apart from the plug inside the pocket, which has been removed.
Inside features a "Striegel & Wagner" label with the date 1943.
Clean and free of damage and repairs.
Great looking private purchase NCO visor.
Both the celluliod diamond and the sweatband bears the EREL trademark.
Cap is in very good shape inside and outside save for a couple of small moth nips to the piping and a spot of grazing near one wingtip of the eagle.
NCO visor's of this quality are rarely seen!
Nice heated jacket with all the wiring intact.
Sleeve zippers bear the "ZIPP" lightning bolt logo, while the front zipper is marked "RUHR".
All zippers are original and functional, even though the front zipper has lost a couple of teeth (it still works).
Also features a typical "Heisler" label.
Apart from a tiny (one cm) repair on one elbow, the jacket is lightly worn and free of damages.
Here we have a slightly salty P38 holster.
The maker is 'FSX' (Albin Scholle) and it is dated 43. It also features the Waffenamt eagle and 'WaA445'.
Apart from a few loose stitches around the corner with the magazine compartment (as seen in pic 3), there's no real damage and nothing missing. It's just overall worn and dirty.
With some cleaning and maybe some gentle leather treatment, I think this one would look great, and as it is, it would fit right into a frontline display.
Excellent early pattern officer's private purchase Fliegerbluse with curved side pockets.
The condition is near mint with only the lightest signs of wear.
Eagle is possibly reapplied but neatly done. The remaining insignia is untouched.
Left breast has loops for a badge and a clasp or ribbon bar.
Reddish brown liner with dagger hanger.
A superb example of this scarce garment - as sharp as they come!
Gorgeous example of the heated flight jacket.
All plugs and wiring 100% intact.
All zippers original, intact and fully functional. Front zipper marked 'RAPID', sleeve zippers marked 'Elite'.
Eagle is neatly hand applied, but likely reapplied at some point, since when studied closely, there seems to be faint signs of a previous eagle.
The Hauptmann's rank insignia is attached with 4 tiny PRYM snaps in the corners.
There's a small reddish spot on the lower back and a spot on the collar edge (burn mark?). Otherwise the jacket is..
Nice pre-war private purchase service tunic made of smooth officer's cloth.
Collar tabs are machine sewn in place, and show signs of promotion.
Small button under the right shoulder board for the shooting lanyard.
Beautiful early hand embroidered cotton eagle.
3 sets of loops for awards (1 loop missing) and 1 set for a bomber clasp. On the breast pocket there is also a hole for a screw back EK1 - a circular impression from the backing disc is clearly visible in the internal breast pocket.
Small ribbon bar included.
EM ve..
Very nice heated flight pants with all plugs and wiring 100% intact
Front zipper is marked 'ZIPP' while the remaining zippers are marked 'Elite'. All of them are intact and fully functional.
Manufacturer's label inside the waist.
Inside is in excellent condition. The outside shows wear and light soiling, but overall the condtion is very good with no damage or repairs. Only signs of honest wear.
Nice example, made of fine officer's cloth with silver piping.
Partial sweat band of which the middle part is missing.
Light sweat staining around the edges, but overall a nice looking cap in very good condition.
Very nice example of the heavy, medium and dive bombers operational flying clasp in gold.
Early quality piece made of tombak.
The clasp is 100% intact and the gold finish is very well preserved all over the surface.
Outstanding example of this rather scarce CT in the officer's version.
The condition is near mint, no oxidation!
Full length - 47 cm.
The cufftitle was originally sold by ''The Collector's Guild''.
This tunic was originally sold by The Collector's Guild (www.germanmilitaria.com) - please contact me for a copy of the extensive original description.
It's a gorgeous tunic with only the lightest wear and no damage.
There are multiple award loops on the left side of the breast.
The collar patches are neatly hand-sewn. The eagle, NCO tress on collar and the 'Spiess' rings are machine-sewn.
The slip-on shoulderboards have 3 pips each. Note: One of these pips where missing, when I aquired the tunic, and I've replaced it with a matching o..
Excellent named tunic for a senior officer coming out of my own collection.
The condition is close to perfect with only a couple of small snags to the front. Insignia is nice and vibrant in color, it hasn't faded at all.
There are loops for 3 badges and a long ribbon bar. All loops are intact.
There's the typical small button for the officers aguilette under the right shoulder board.
The tailor label is a bit worn, but I believe it says ''Hauptm'' and then ''Brekl'' or ''Brakl''.
Senior officer tunics are not easy to find, let al..
This visor is in very nice shape except for the very edge of the neck area which seems to have been partly eaten away by moth or rodents - hence the price.
The detachable white cover and the rest of the visor is undamaged.
Nice saddle shape!
A very displayable summer visor at a bargain price!
Very attractive Pilot's Badge by the company C. E. Juncker, Berlin SW.
This is a textbook example of the third and heaviest pattern. The badge is completely untouched and has a beautiful patina which enhances the fine details!
Excellent heavy cotton fur-lined flight pants in near mint condition.
Zippers are of the ''Zipp'' and ''Rapid'' brands, all in perfect condition and fully functional.
Snaps are marked ''Prym 6''.
Two markings inside, I believe one is the manufacturer (RBnr) while the other is probably a unit marking.
Excellent set!
Very nice example, made of fine officer's cloth with silver piping. There's a few rips to the sweat band and a bit of soiling to the interior, but apart from this, the condition is excellent!
Very nice flight boots which have been used but remains in very fine condition.
The zippers are marked ''Ri-Ri'' and both are fully functional.
Under the zippers a label displays RBnr and the date ''44''. Inside is lined with fur and in very good condition too.
A nice complete set!